Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday 16th January

45 minute run on the treadmill this morning covering about 4.5 miles and still running the sets of 3 mins normal pace and 2 mins slow. No back pain at all (great!) and still working on my technique. The treadmill is good for technique as you can actually hear if you are landing wrong with your foot strike - recommended tip! Set the incline to 1.5% but found the run tough today - heart rate up and got very warm. Hopefully this is due to the cold/sinus thing I have had this week which has washed me out a bit.

Went into the pool and did 400m before my back/hip started to hurt. This has got me wondering if swimming is part of the cause as my major back problems started when I took up swimming for triathlon a year and a half or so ago. I am going to talk to the physio about this. Gave up the swim after the 400 just in case and went into the sauna instead :-)

Long way to go before Larne HM (a marker as to whether I can do another half ironman this year) but a start at least....

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