Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday 11th December

Well today was the big day with my supervised run! Started off with a lot of strength and then core exercises in the PT session and then onto the treadmill. Both the physio and PT were there. They immediately picked up that my running style was all wrong - landing on my heel with my right foot and forefoot with my left foot which is straining my back and twisting me. My stride length was also too short. So I then corrected all that and what a difference - ran for about half a mile with no pain and feeling very free. So a result! I am now allowed to run in a build up programme of 4 mins running, 2 mins walking to work on changing my running style and with the whole thing no more than 20 mins for a week or so. I am also allowed to enter the Boxing Day 5 mile run but to only run half of it and walk the rest. Very pleased!! Had a painful physio session after the run to free up my glutes and other tight areas.

Bought myself a copy of Runners World on the way home to celebrate.

Wish I had enough money for some Newton shoes - I think they might be the way forward for me....

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