Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday 6th February

I RAN 8 MILES TODAY! How good is that! Longest run since the end of August when my back fell apart. It was great running along the tow path again and just being outside - no more treadmill :-) My pace wasn't exactly brilliant but I didn't stop and really enjoyed myself. My back felt a little bit stiff at the start but eased off as I got into the run - probably due to the cold and damp. I had no pain at all the whole run. My legs feel a bit stiff now but that is hopefully just due to my lack of fitness and building up again. Worked hard on my technique - it is going to take a bit more time to perfect that - old habits are hard to break! So wish I had enough money for a pair of Newtons - just finished reading Born to Run and barefoot/forefoot running just makes sense.

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