Sunday, 6 June 2010

Saturday 5th June

Crooked Lake triathlon today. Everything started well, got down there and set up and went back to my car for a cup of tea and something to eat before the race. When I stood up again my back was stiff. I tried stretching it out and got some physio on the trigger points in my glutes. I didn't know whether to start or not but then decided to go for it and pull out if things got worse. I had a very good swim (15.22 nice and steady and I got a good line in the lake)(16.07 last year) a not so quick 1st transition (3.11) although it was a very long transition area, a very good bike (37.06)(38.56 last year) during which I felt very strong and then a not so quick transition 2 (2.44) due to me not being able to run in my cycle shoes. I then headed off to the run and my back was very stiff so with two big hills in the run I decided to walk the hills and try to run the downhills and the flat bits so I did that and still got 25.55 (24.33 last year) for the 5k. Finishing time of 1:24:20 (1:25:07 last year)which I was very pleased with despite the walking bits in the run.

Afterwards my back, glutes and hip have seized up very badly. Nightmare of a drive home due to the pain. I immediately got ice on it and am on anti-inflammatories. Very, very worried.

Sunday update: my back is very bad today and I can't stand upright. Continuing with ice and high doses of anti-inflammatories. The pain is very bad and is making me feel quite sick. I have an appointment with the physio on Monday so I just hope and pray she can sort me out. 4 weeks today to Athlone. Just very upset and very worried. My training has been going so well and I felt my strength coming back yesterday with being able to attack the triathlon. My back has not been bothering me much either. I just don't know what has happened - whether this has been building or whether I did something working in the garden on Friday. Fingers crossed that my physio can fix me....

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